• Like the moonlight

    “I hate you like the moonlight,” he said. Oh darling, if you could hate something as beautiful as the moonlight, then how can you love a person with flaws? You can’t.

  • How to trust…!

    Three friends came together to me and asked me how to trust someone. People always get hurt by someone whom they believe. So I sent them all to nearby river, one by one and asked them to check the river. First guy came along with long stick wet in water, and he said this much […]

  • The Girl I Loved

    She had a golden smile with silver eyes. Her tears never showed up when she wanted to cry. Those silvery eyes fooled people. Sadness overtook her soul like a creeper. Her long hair always covered her smirk. Trying to reveal her beautiful work. The work of faking her up in order to protect. In which […]

  • Crippled love

    Somewhere i am crippled love Somewhere i am in trial to be sent above The angels are deciding today When and where to send me this day But above all the syringes and antibiotics resting in me They are filling my eternity This isnt bliss at all But i cant deny the fact of turmoil […]

  • Lose

    You will never realize, you are losing someone, it’s very slow process, hours changes to days, days changes to months, and months changes to year. And he never came back. Then you feel that you had lost him. Earlier it was “this person, he is my life, he is my inspiration, he took my hand […]

  • The Warm Blooded

      “someone is disturbing me again and again on call, I don’t wanna talk him” she said. “Who is that damn shit, I am gonna tear him apart, who dares to talk like this to my sister, tell me his name, number anything…..” Her brother replied. “What about the girl you did the same, she […]

  • Slow down

    Slow down darling, Only you know the wounds Only you know how it hurts Slow down Let them think you’re done Let them think you’re off Slow down Only you know the depths Only you know the heights Slow down You know the love You know the hate Slow down darling Let it heal. Let […]

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