And I Failed

Failure from anything bring storm in life
For me, that storm was of love
I thought it was sparkling and blooming
Alas, but there you found it gloomy
Each day, you suffered because of me
blind I was, why couldn’t I see
I tried my best in whatever I could
But my silent surprises seemed overcooked
Watch, you once thought of selling
I was that girl ready with the billing
The time you spared laughing on street,
For eyes behind that hood, it was always a treat
I waited for the time every now and then,

You sought a life and was tired of when,
I was the one who kept all in a fence
My love was darling, more intense
My eyes, how crazy were they to explore
It was only you, they managed to adore
My lips were passionate for your kiss
Warmth, that his gave you, while mine left missed
Arms were ready to embrace you hard
Always feared, “what if she gave me a red card”
His breaths on your face made you blushed
Seeing you both my heart filled with disgust
The heaviness on my chest pushed me back
I stood aside and accepted my love to be a prank.
All wishes don’t come true
I was always a hurdle, between you two
Now I’ve left my wish forever
Stay happy dear, good luck for endeavors..
I was a nightmare that bothered you,
Whereas you remained a daydream with lots of hue..

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