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I’m a woman with an old soul. I like the hot sun and the cold rain, the glamour of the city lights, the noise at a crowded bar, the silence of a book shelf. I believe that joy is contagious, love can make people dizzy, and that people are innately good.

Some things I have but don’t often use are crayons, a passport, a fairly accurately pitch, a blowtorch, baking pans and common sense. I have 3 cats, 1 god and three things I prize: my piano, my forgetful brain and the remains of a heart.

I wish that men would make the most of what the came in: a big and open heart, a big and open mind, and a strong body thats graceful both at rest and in motion. I’ve had enough of handsome sadists, dim adonises and brilliant couch potatoes.

This page is for anyone who has loved, lost, or made a fool of themselves, in the name of love.

If you’re looking for a PAGE where you can PUBLISH your poetry or any literary works online, you’re in the right place! Click on REGISTER at the top bar and fill up the needed info. If you already have a wordpress account, you can sign in with that, or you can register anew.

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  1. I know what it is like to build a wall around yourself and have guards attack any person who wants to help. I have been kept away in my own world as I let others worry about me. The truth is that I have friends and an amazing boyfriend. I have a broken family that hurts me though. I am most happiest at school. How sad is that. I WAS JUST WONDERING IF YOU HAD ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR MY LOCKED AWAY HEART AND I.

Hey, let me know what you think ❤