I fucking hate you. When I see you my veins pop out. You make me sick. I feel ill every time I think about you. My head spins and my breath dies. I hate you that fucking much. Everytime you touch me my skins crawls with anger. When I talk to you my voice is caught by rage. I just want to scream at you to get out of my life ; get out of my head. I hate myself for it even more than I hate you. Which means I hate you even more. You reduce me to an animal driven by desire. I fucking hate the way that no matter what I do I can’t stop thinking about you.

I hate you so much that I want to crush your skull and watch you screaming in pain. The same image of you touching my hands, kissing my lips makes my blood boil. It makes me wanna scream so hard that my larynx should burst in pain and leave me dumb. I want to feel your strength against mine. All you pain, all your sorrow, all your anger, all your anxiety, all your depression. I want to take it away from you. I’ll do it all just cause I hate you. I’ll hate you till your dying breath cause I want to see you happy. And that means if we can’t love each other then hate is the next best thing…

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