• I think of you when I can’t sleep.
    There are unwritten letters
    crawling across my bed and walls
    because we don’t belong here.
    We should be dancing with thunder,
    our skin soaked in sin, fearlessly
    wondering […]

  • Everyone keeps reflecting
    on how much their lives have
    changed the past year. But when
    I’m lying in bed alone, all I can
    think of is how much my life has
    changed in a split second –
    the instant you smiled at […]

  • I don’t care
    that you’re bad for me.
    Wrap your hands
    around my trigger
    and pull.

  • Let
    our demons
    and scars dirtydance,
    intertwined fates on borrowed

  • I will give you all of me.
    The way a rainstorm pours all of its
    life from its mouth, the way it gives
    its every hope and dreams to the soil
    and says, “please, drink all of them.
    I will give you more come m […]

  • Forgiveness gets easier with time,
    but it is never soft.
    It is sweeping up the ashes
    and starting again.
    It is starting on your own
    and learning to trust yourself again.

  • There is nothing wrong with
    wanting to be loved in a way
    you feel you deserve.
    You are not being selfish,
    inconsiderate or self-centered.
    It is a beautiful sign of your self-worth.

    *As requested […]

  • I want to go to unnamed places,
    let my heart unravel across
    countries and continents,
    through dirt roads and busy
    avenues, mountain trails and
    highways, shady alleys and
    industrialized streets, […]

  • Marie wrote a new post, Surrender 3 days, 9 hours ago

    I am painting a white flag into
    the empty spaces of my ribcage.
    This does not mean I am giving up,
    but rather, I am giving in to his
    cyanide smiles and mason jar eyes.
    He has long since captured me even
    before I […]

  • means there are days
    “catch me, I’m falling”
    “save me, I’m drowning.”

  •  when he whispers my name

    like I am his queen

    north of the wall and

    south of the sea and

    all of the places we

    dream of in between.

  • Tagged by @areadingwriter for #sundaysongsharing. I wrote about the song Intertwined by Dodie Clark

    Burrowed deep underneath
    the layers of blankets,
    to the right of my pillow,
    your hand grasps mi […]

  • Marie wrote a new post, Almost 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    I sometimes forget that you are real.

    A l m o s t. And then you kiss me with

    a kiss that no false science could ever

    synthesize, and we write every proof

    of our existence all around the […]

  • Marie wrote a new post, Insomnia 2 weeks, 4 days ago

    You ask me how I can manage to go
    to sleepless for more than 30 hrs.
    You see, I would rather spend life awake.
    Sleep makes me feel mortal.
    There’s something magical about
    being awake just before dawn,
    just […]

  • When you look in the mirror
    and see not good enough, please
    remember that I see strong
    hands, stronger willpower,
    resilient heart, easy laughter,
    kind eyes, fast wit and every
    inch of the reason I […]

  • The monsoons are notoriously
    common this time of year. They
    remind me of you, how you are so
    full of lightning and I am flood
    in your palms. Our forecast says
    storm warning, but with you around,
    it should […]

  • You fall asleep on me at 3am,
    oblivious to my fingers trailing
    through your hair, aptly pulling
    knots from their tender homes.
    You have twisted yourself around me,
    entangled in fingers, in words,
    in limbs, […]

  • Marie wrote a new post, Epiphany 2 weeks, 5 days ago

    I know loving you will leave scars
    the shape of your mouth on my chest.
    I know loving you is like an order
    saying “do-not-resuscitate.” I know
    the future leads to nothing but the end.
    An end like every […]

  • Marie wrote a new post, Perpetual 2 weeks, 6 days ago

    Love me like you never
    thought you’d find me.
    I’ll love you like I’d never
    think of letting you go.

    *As requested by @inkedasterisk for #bemymuse no. 30

  • When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me
    to listen to oncoming traffic and to stay away from things
    that could cut my heart in half. Growing up, I knew that I was
    destined to be with a guy who would […]

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