My love was always lust

Your deception is my disgust.
The thing you thought love was my lust.
I still couldn’t believe that you trust.
You couldn’t differentiate love and lust.
I never gave you priority first.
You were nothing but a dust.
The only thing I did was crush.
Yet you love me and its disgust.
You are weak and you should know,
Humans always fake what they show.
They don’t know when to say.
Deep down inside they don’t care.
They are driven by their fear.
I was just like them.
I showed love but didn’t meant.
You were a fool for trusting me.
Even after busting me.
Now blaming won’t make sense.
You should never love again.
Don’t think I’m sorry for my deeds.
I’m always driven by my greeds.
You can blame it all on me.
But now enjoy your agony.
Your deception. My disgust.
My love was always lust.

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